Little Kicks for Monarch

By Alan Brown, Lake Orion, MI
Colorado Marble and Bronze

“Little Kicks for Monarch” is a life-size, half-marble, half-bronze sculpture depicting a very pregnant, elfin-like being. Captured in a joyful moment of motherhood, she is laughing as she feels the kicks of her unborn child.

“Monarch” is woodland elf and her harmonious relationship with nature is symbolically represented throughout the sculpture. Every detail is delicately carved into the nearly pure white Colorado Marble, which was quarried in the Rocky Mountains. She is adorned with lace butterflies after her namesake, with flowers in her hair and about her feet. Her elaborate bronze skirt is decorated with dragonflies, Cicada bugs, layers of leaves and acorn buttons. At the base, two helpful chipmunks present her with a fallen acorn button.

“Little Kicks” was conceived after the passing of my mother whose love of nature was surpassed only by her love for her children.